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Insurance Companies

Logo of Aetna, featuring the word 'Aetna' in purple text and purple heart.
Logo of Cigna, featuring a green tree with blue, orange, and green leaves, accompanied by the word 'Cigna' in blue text.
Logo of Horizon, featuring a blue arc above the word 'Horizon' in blue text with a cross and shield
Logo of NJ FamilyCare, featuring a stylized family graphic with the text 'NJ FamilyCare' in blue, yellow, and red.

Getting Started with ABA Services

Contact Us!

  • Fill out the contact form & a team member will reach out to you to provide additional information before moving forward with the intake process

Determine Eligibility 

  • The funder (insurance company) will be contacted to determine eligibility of services for the learner

Submit Intake Form

  • Intake documents will be sent for completion 

Receive Authorization for Services

  • The funder (insurance company) will be contacted to provide an initial authorization for services so that an assessment can be conducted

Initial Assessment

  • A behavior analyst (BCBA/BCaBA) will complete an initial assessment for the learner. Results of this assessment must be sent to the funder (insurance company) to determine if continued services are appropriate and medically necessary. 

Determination for Hours of Therapy

Funders (insurance companies) require a prescription for ABA services in order for therapy sessions to be covered. This prescription will come from a healthcare provider, often a pediatrician or neurodevelopmental specialist. The prescription may include a recommendation, such as "40 hours weekly." However, it is important to note that the number of hours on the prescription is NOT guaranteed to be requested to or approved by your insurance company. The number of service hours requested will be based on medical necessity (determined through behavior analytic assessments, family interviews, observations, etc.) and the number of service hours approved will be determined by your insurance provider. 

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